B. Hamlin:

I started following Carla’s page, Single Mothers Raising Sons/Daughters a few months ago and became an active part of the community because of Carla’s vision and kind heart. I recently read Carla’s book, “Emotions of the Mind” and I cannot wait for her next book, “Releasing Relationship Baggage”. When I joined the community I was so lost and so unsure of so many emotions I was feeling. “Emotions of the Mind” answered so many things and has put me on the path to putting my life back together. Thank you Carla for your book and for all that you are doing for the single parent community. You are a blessing!

T. McKeever

Emotions of the Mind” is an inspirational, down to Earth, positive testament of a women’s spirit and mind. I loved reading this book and have found it beneficial personally and professionally as I can apply the aspects of relationships in most facets. The ladies of Women’s Wrap often state that they enjoy reading the book and feel a kindred spirit with the author, as if they were having a conversation with a close friend, who “tells it like it is”.

T. Mitchell

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me be successful in life. When I had no one and nothing, you cared enough to be there for a stranger. May God continually bless you for the tremendous blessing and support that you gave to me. Great is your reward in heaven.”With all my love and gratitude.

M. Mann

At first I skimmed through each chapter title and read a little bit from excerpts that caught my eye! A few days later I read the whole book and decided that I too was born to overcome this unhealthy thinking. I encouraged myself by thinking “God is not a respecter of persons and if He did it for her, He will do it for me! I choose to change my mind!

I love how you defined “Rest” because I was really trying to figure out what to do, instead of realizing that because I have truly surrendered to God He will reveal it to me.

Also I loved the space for journal notes, because I too am a writer and it is a great stress buster for me. I plan to read this book at least 2-3 times a week until it is in my spirit, to keep me on track to changing my thinking. Its so easy to fall back into “stinking habitual thinking”.

U. Hill

As an AmeriCorps member with NDMVA and Meet Me Halfway, Carla implemented and ran support groups for female students who were pregnant, parenting, or at risk of pregnancy. She helped these students with conflict resolution and goal setting, and she guided them as they scheduled doctor’s appointments and found babysitters. Though her groups generally met during lunch periods, Carla was open and accessible for students to reach her other times during the day and after school. Students frequently called or texted her to ask questions and get support. Many quickly grew to see her as a coach, role model, and trustworthy adult. Her relationship with these students made a difference in their lives as she guided them through difficult choices. Though she is no longer with AmeriCorps, she still is in contact with some of her students, which is a testament to the strength of the relationships she built over the year.

K. Anku

Carla of www.designingwithcarla.com was a featured expert on my www.NoLimitsTeleSummit.com and taught a tele-class on “Design Your Life Image” She spoke about how losing sight of who you are propels your life into an “identity” crisis and how to avoid identity theft and protect yourself by Designing Your LifeImage. I was very impressed with Carla’s well-structured, insightful and content-rich class. It was filled with practical tips our listeners could implement immediately for instant results!
I would highly recommend Carla if you are seeking a life coach, trainer or a speaker for your next event. She is based in Baltimore, Maryland and available world-wide! And be sure to listen to her TELE-CLASS REPLAY and download her FREE GIFT at www.NoLimitsTeleSummit.com ” Life Coach, Author & Speaker”.

J. Smith Turner

As Carla’s business and life coach, we have had the opportunity to discuss her individual business goals and her life goals. During our time together, I have observed that Carla is very action oriented. She has the ability to isolate the excuses and the reasons why something can’t happen and build an excuse proof plan around why it can happen. One of the things I admire most about Carla is her passion for helping Women, especially young women. She has become an expert in the area of teen coaching. She has extensive practice with teaching her clients how to make the small changes that together make a big difference. Her ability to connect with women in a short amount of time and make an immediate difference in their lives is profound. In fact, it is quite astounding to see her in action. As a speaker and presenter, Carla’s life experiences enable her to “keep it real” for her audience in the sense that you can’t teach what you don’t know and you can’t lead where you don’t go. Carla is a teacher and a leader in every sense of the word. I am delighted to be connected to Carla professionally and personally.

K. Lee

Carla’s coaching on Emotional Intelligence has helped me to rationalize my way through frustrating emotions and allow my personal voice of reason to speak. I have learned thru these sessions that we all have a voice of reason, we must learn to utilize it at those key points of emotional frustration.

K. O’Neal

Ms. Youngblood, I first would like to thank you for your willingness to speak to the Women’s Rap group of Chesapeake Connections. The women enjoyed the information you presented to them but most of all the appreciated what you represent, and that is a woman who is empowered. It was a pleasure to see
you interact with them without making them feel inferior and not treating them by the mental illness that they are often labeled by. In the time that you spent with the women, I believe that you inspired them and gave them meaning. It is conversations like today that help others to regain a sense of worth.-  Women’s Rap Group Facilitator, Chesapeake Connections an Affiliate of Mosaic Community Services