Single Mothers


I assist mothers with reaching their goals by helping them design their lives after a failed relationship. I believe an empowered mother is a mother who will do great things in the world. I develop and design programs to help mothers find their voices, develop businesses, and careers to better themselves.

It is the path from being a survivor to being a thriver.

This new year I have put together tools and strategies to help mothers align their priorities which include caring for themselves so they can better care of their  children. In 2016 our focus for our Facebook community of over 2,000 mothers is Empowering Parents. We have recently seen an uptick in single fathers on our page. We welcome and work to empower them as well.

Our goal is to get Mothers  to ask themselves the difficult questions about why they do, what they do, and  how to make any necessary changes or decisions to enhance their lives. We make choices based on what we feel is right for us. What happens when those choices don’t work out? We can spend years stuck in an unhealthy place or we can learn to release the baggage and find our way to moving on.

I am excited about the opportunity to connect with women around the world.  Wee are mothers to children who will one day run the world. We are doing great things as we find our own ways in the world. We our host monthly empowerment sessions to actively engage mothers in taking the responsibility back over their lives. For more information on our calls go to our Contact Me page.

Here is the admin of our Facebook page, Bobby Hamlin, she is an empowered mother doing great things in the world. I am proud to call her friend!



As a single mom advocate I know that mom’s have to work work at taking better care of themselves. As a single mother I know all too well how easy it is to put yourself last. My first mentoring relationship took place over 20 years ago, when I single mother came to my brother’s church in need of help. Tamia and her baby moved into my home with my son and I for about 3-4 months.  She will always be my first best mentoring relationship. I am proud of the great woman, wife and mother she is today.

Since becoming a single mother at the age of 18, I can’t ever remember not caring about and advocating for mothers. It was my first real call to purpose and something I will forever feel passionate about. Over the years I have become more involved around issues of mothers and love all I get to do as an advocate. Janea was one of the first single mothers in my high school mentoring program for single mothers. This picture was taken on her graduation day. We remain in contact today.Janae and me

For more information on  what we are doing and how to be a part of our community like our Facebook page Single Mothers Raising Sons Daughters.



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Each month on our Facebook Page, we showcase one mother and all she is doing to make a difference in the world.

JANUARY: We featured, Angel Allwood.  Angel wrote a book, “As Long as Mommy Understand”, in honor of her special needs child Princeton. Contact Angel for more information The book can be purchased at