My Story

I am a passionate marketplace ministry leader who shares my gift as an author of several books, speaker, and life strategist/coach.

I came to this point in my life through many years of serving as a mentor/teacher, who many years ago realized I had a gift for motivating others to take on challenges and the ability to assist them in achieving their goals. I am expert at teaching and motivating others how to bring order and structure to their lives. This ability comes naturally to me.  As a preacher’s daughter I learned very early in life that spiritual discipline could help me focus my life and develop the skills I needed to step in when called upon.
Today, I coach women leaders in business and ministry clients on a 1-on-1 basis.  This allows me to  give women the personalized attention they need in order to comprehend and master their life purpose.  This way I can observe, listen, and question with unbiased judgment to help my clients identify problems and create solutions.

I have conducted multiple workshops and training sessions and have been a keynote speaker for women and youth groups, non-profits and governmental agencies throughout the country.

I  recently moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh to help care for my parents.  I have one son and two grandsons. I enjoy time with family and traveling anywhere the sun shines.

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