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Fashion Philosophy

Carla believes fashion is as much about the inner woman as it is the outer woman. A mature woman knows she must create her own way in life. She is not depending on others to define her. She is sure of herself. The mature woman refuses to allow society to dictate her lifestyle. Her confidence shows in the life she lives, she has a story that is valuable she will share it with those who are willing to hear it.  She’s determined to make her mark on society like non of those who have gone before her. Her fashion statement will not be determined by designers who refuse to acknowledge her existence but by those who will ask her advice and create on the outside what she is on the inside. The woman Carla styles is extraordinary and evolutionary, her fashion style has many looks. It changes from day to day, based solely on the creativity she feels as she awakens to who she was created to be. This woman is spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, these factors determine her body image.


Carla provides styling and image consulting. She has worked with both high end clothing lines and private label  clothing.  In 2010 Carla  visited various European fashion centers. Her trip to Italy included visits to the Museo didattico della Seta (Silk Museum) in the city of Como, the Trussardi Fashion House in Milan, and the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Venice.


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